Department of Marketing

Prof. Dr. habil. Robert Mai

Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Short CV

Prof. Dr. habil. Robert Mai was employed at the Institute for Business Administration (esp. Marketing) until January 2017. He moved as Associate Professor to the Grenoble École de Management. From 2003 until 2007, he studied business engineering at the Technical University Dresden and received his doctoral degree in 2011. Mr. Mai worked from 2007 until 2012 as Scientific Assistant at the Technical University Dresden. In January 2013 he moved to the Kiel University, where he habilitated in the area of business management in summer 2015 and where he got appointed as Private Lecturer. His research is mainly behavioral- and interdisciplinary-oriented. He focuses mainly on sustainability innovations, integrated business models, health care, service management, international management, cross-cultural marketing, communication and interaction. He used a broad variety of qualitativ and especially quantitative empirical exploration and analysis methods of the market research, primarily experimental studies and structural equation modelling.

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Selected Publications

Hutter, K.; Hoffmann, S.; Mai, R. (2016): Carrotmob. A Win/Win/Win-Approach to Creating Bene-fits for Consumers, Business, and Society at Large, Business & Society, 55 (7), 1059-1077.

Mai, R.; Hoffmann, S. (2015). How to Combat the Unhealthy = Tasty Intuition: The Influencing Role of Health Consciousness, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 34 (1), 63-83.

Mai, R.; Hoffmann, S. (2014). Accents in Business Communication: An Integrative Model and Propositions for Future Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24 (1), 137-158.

Mai, R.; Hoffmann, S.; Schwarz, U.; Niemand, T.; Seidel, J. (2014). The Shifting Range of Opti-mal Web Site Complexity, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28 (2), 101-116.

Hoffmann, S.; Mai, R.; Cristescu, A. (2013). Do Culture-Dependent Response Styles Distort Substantial Relationships?, International Business Review, 22 (5), 814-827.

Mai, R.; Hoffmann, S. (2011). Four Positive Effects of a Salesperson’s Regional Dialect in Per-sonal Selling, Journal of Service Research, 14 (4), 423-437.


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