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Mai, R.; Hoffmann, S.; Schwarz, U.; Niemand, T.; Seidel, J. (2014). The Shifting Range of Optimal Web Site Complexity. Journal of Interactive Marketing. (forthcoming)

Hutter, K.; Hoffmann, S. (2014) Surprise, Surprise. Ambient Media as Promotion Tool for Retailers. Journal of Retailing. (forthcoming)

Mai, R.; Hoffmann, S. (2014). Accents in Business Communication: An Integrative Model and Propositions for Future Research. Journal of Consumer Psychology. (forthcoming)

Hoffmann, S.; Mai, R.; Cristescu, A. (2013). Do Culture-Dependent Response Styles Distort Substantial Relationships?, International Business Review, 22 (5), 814-827.

Hoppert, K.; Mai, R.; Zahn, S.; Hoffmann, S.; Rohm, H. (2012). Integrating Sensory Evaluation in Adaptive Conjoint Analysis to Elaborate the Conflicting Influence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Attributes on Food Choice, Appetite, 59 (3), 949-965.

Mai, R.; Hoffmann, S. (2011). Four Positive Effects of a Salesperson’s Regional Dialect in Personal Selling, Journal of Service Research, 14 (4), 423-437.

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