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ICAR 2014

The International Centre for Anti-consumption Research (ICAR) is pleased to welcome you to the 2014 ICAR symposium on July 4-5, 2014. The symposium will be hosted by Kiel University. The theme for ICAR 2014 is Anti consumption and consumer wellbeing.

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ICAR 2014: Welcome to KIEL. SAILING CITY


The symposium will be hosted in Kiel.  Through its unique location at Kiel Firth, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein is on the waterfront like no other Baltic metropolis. Baltic beaches and the cultural scene make the life worth living in the city centre of Kiel. Therefore it is called KIEL.SAILING CITY.

Kiel has a long shipbuilding and naval tradition but today it is characterised by its vibrant student scene, laid-back lifestyle and urban flair. You can sense this atmosphere from the city's beautiful setting on the Kiel Fjord, its modern and spacious city centre and Dänische Strasse, a street of late-19th century buildings full of maritime charm in the heart of Kiel.

And of course the Kiel Week regatta, the largest sailing event in the world and a festival celebrated by millions.

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