Department of Marketing

Acceptance of Abroad Rendered Exam Performances (ERASMUS)

Students, which want to get credits for abroad rendered exams, need to consider following notices:

Competence of the Department

To simplify the acceptance of abroad rendered exam performances for students the acceptance was essentially bundled so that meanwhile most of the certificates can be accepted with Mr. Daniel Laufs at the Department of Technology Management. Thus, the acceptance of all lectures of the Marketing Department within the Bachelor Studies Business Administration lies in the competence field of Mr. Laufs.

Students, which want to get credits as equivalents to the lectures, are kindly asked to contact Mr. Daniel Laufs.

Hence, the Marketing Department is only responsible for the acceptance of certificates in the SBWL-Wahlbereich of Master Studies Business Administration (lectures & research seminars).

Necessary Information

If you want to get credits at the Marketing Department for abroad rendered exam performances, we need to get following information:

  • Name
  • Matriculation number
  • Number of semesters in the Master Study
  • At which foreign university did you do your semester abroad/ will you do your semester abroad?
  • Which courses/certificates do you want to get credits for as equivalents to which lectures?

Necessary Documents

Please send us following documents in the attachment of your email so that we can check whether your abroad rendered exams can be accepted:

  • Transcrip of Records of the university abroad (includes course titel, amount of semester periods per week, credits and grade if semester abroad is already finished)
  • Name of the responsible professors
  • Content-related structure of the lecture (in German or English)
  • List of literature used in the related course
  • If necessary additional materials which provide further information about the content and quality of the course



Please send your requests via email to Mr. Nils Hoffmann (