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Teaching concept in the Bachelor's study Business Administration

Lecture Module Short Description

Einführung in
das Marketing

(Introduction into Marketing)

Marketing & Methods A general introduction into marketing: Marketing strategies along with product, price, communication and distribution policies. Parallel to the lecture a tutorial  takes place. The performance is composed of an exam grade and eventual additional performances.


(Consumer Behavior)

Innovation & Management This course aims to deepen the most important topics in the field of consumer behavior (e. g. decision-making, satisfaction, emotions). Additionally, the basics of marketing research for the analysis of consumer behavior will be discussed. Parallel to the lecture a tutorial  takes place. The lecture is oriented towards the text book "Konsumentenverhalten". The performance is composed of an exam grade and eventuall additional performances.

Seminar for Business Administration
Written seminar paper and verbal presentation of a chosen topic in the field of marketing.




Fortgeschrittenes Handelsmanagement

General Studies & Mangement Techniques



This lecture gives an introduction into the basics of trade management. The course conveys the most important terms and concepts, which get substantiated by means of practice examples and exercises.


This lecture points out the importance of various tasks in the area of trade management. The following topics will be discussed in more detail: Purchase (i. a. quality management, supplier management, CSR), logistics (i. a. Supply Chain Management, cooperation with retailer and industriy, technological requirements), Human Resources (i. a. personnel requirement planning, payments, human resource management), organisation (i. a. coordination, process orientation, centralization vs. decentralization) and administration (i. a. finance, controlling, compliance, information systems).


General Information:


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Bachelor Thesis:

Information for students who want to write their bachelor thesis at the Department of Marketing can be found here

Topics for bachelor theses are usually specified by the Department of Marketing. If you are assigned to the Department of Marketing, you can choose from a list of potential topics. These topics can relate in principle to all marketing areas, but primarily to our main research foci which are desribed on our webpage. The topics for bachelor theses are usually handed out in the second semester week. Exceptions from this rule are only possible under reasonable circumstances and only after consideration minimal four weeks before the topics are handed out.