Department of Marketing

Teaching of the Department of Marketing

The main goal of our lectureship is to prepare our students for their professional activities in research and practice. The training familiarises the most important decision making problems, methods and instruments in the field of marketing and enables students to develop and support with arguments promising solution approaches. Therefore, a critical confrontation with the theoretical concept along with the competence to identify and consider macroeconomical and sociatal connections of future activities is necessary. To reach both goals, additional lectures of practicioners support the mainly scientific-oriented courses, tutorials and seminars.

The job field marketing is multifaceted. Next to the traditional start as project leader or product manager there is a wide range of other activities, as e. g. in the area of market research, advertising, distribution, public relations or management consultancy and not least of resarch and teaching.

The Department of Marketing takes the approach to offer an interdisciplinary education, especially under consideration of methods and evidence of behavioral sciences. This includes to convey our students fundamental knowledge about quantitative and qualitative methods of data conduction and data analysis.

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As additional service for our students the Department of Marketing set up recently their own Facebook page. Current information for studies and teaching will be published here. Naturally, all relevent information will still be provided on the homepage of the Department of Marketing as well as on OLAT.