Department of Marketing

Guideline to Apply for a Master Thesis

You want to write your master thesis at the Marketing Department? All relevant information for your application can be found here.

To which topics can I write my master thesis?

Currently, the Marketing Department offers following master thesis topics:

  • Climate-friendly nutrition: Nudging of food choice in the external catering
  • Nudging in pro-environmental context
  • Food decision-making and design of decision-making architecture
  • Environmental attitude-behavior gap
  • Moral decoupling and moral hypocrisy
  • Ethical consumer behavior in cross-cultural comparison (especially eastern and western cultures)
  • Consumer responsibility
  • Impact of western and eastern cultural (& normative) values on consumer reactions
  • ambivalent consumption
  • consumer animosity in a multi-country perspective
  • indirect rebound effects


What are the requirements of an application?

Before you apply for a Master Thesis we ask you kindly to make sure that you have reached at least 60 credit points from passed moduls. We can not assign a topic before this proof.

Additional information can be found here.

Further, the course "Marketing Forschung" needs to be passed for a admission of a Master Thesis.

Do I have the choice at which Department to write my Master Thesis?

Usually, students can decide themselves at which department to write their Master Thesis.

As the mentoring capacity is limited, we advise you kindly that we need to make a choice between the candidates.

When can I apply for a Master Thesis at the Marketing Department?

You can apply at any time of the year.


Which Documents are Needed for my Application?

Up to the application deadline you should hand in following documents at the Marketing Department office:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Form sheet for the application of a Master Thesis
  • Actual transcript of records, which does not need to be certified



Letter of motivation:

The letter of motivation should answer following questions:

  • Why do you want to write your Master Thesis at the Marketing Department?
  • In which research area are you interest the most?
  • Optional: Which own topic do you want to work on within your Master Thesis?


Further information regarding our research areas can be found here.

Please hand in your full application - with pleasure by email - on time at:


Marketing Department

Kiel University

Olshausenstraße 400

24098 Kiel

When is my application binding?

Your application is only then binding, when you receive a positive response by the Marketing Department.


Is there a verbal presentation of the Master Thesis?

Within three weeks after handing in your Master Thesis a presentation of the thesis will take place in which the students present and discuss the most important content. The duration of this presentation will be approx. 45 minutes, composed of 20 minutes presentation and 25 minutes discussion. Please arrange before handing in your Master Thesis an individual appointment with your supervisor.