Department of Marketing

Project Report

Within the master studies of Business Administration students are asked to write a project report. Goal of this project report is to describe their task within an internship and to theoretically process this with recent scientific literature. On the basis of that a comparison between the knowledge from practice and theory should be conducted. To wirte a project report at the Marketing Department students need to have knowledge about the 4 Ps in the field of marketing. Further information can be found here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

The project report at the Marketing Department is designed as follows:

1. Internship Verification

Please provide following information via this sheet.

  • Titel suggestion for your project report
  • Internship reference (if already absolved)
  • Job advertisement (if not absolved yet)


After agreement with the Marketing Department you can register for your project report.

2. Registration

We ask you kindly to register your project report by handing out two copies of the signed  form sheet in the office of the Marketing Department. Your process time is limited to 9 weeks after handing out the form sheets.

3. Writing

Please consider our advices how to write a project report!

 4. Submission

The submission of your report can be done in a digital way as a Word and PDF document to

The campusmanagement webpage will provide information whether you passed the project report.

IMPORTANT: Project reports, which are handed in without agreement of the Marketing Department, will be evaluated with "not passed".



What is an appropriate structure of the project report?

1. Introduction:

By the means of relevant indices students provide an overview of the business and the related industry. Additionally, they describe substantial tasks during the internship.

Amount: approx. 1 - 1.5 pages

2. Main part:

In the main part students report about concrete tasks during the internship and process these by scientific literature. If there is no suitable task in field of activity, we offer to focus on typical business activities.

Amount: approx. 2 pages

3. Conclusion – Comparison of theory and practice:

Students bring their findings from practice and scientific literature together. They examine which theoretical results businesses use and in which areas the practice from the literature differs.

Amount: approx. 1.5 pages

Regarding the formalities of the project report the guidelines for scientific writing can be applied.

Can I choose at which Department to write my project report?

Students can usually decide themselves at which department they want to write their project report.

Can I get subsequently credit for already finished internships?

Following the study regulation the project work needs to be conducted during the master study. If you were registered as a master student during the internship, you can apply subsequently for the assignment of the project report also after a past internship. In this case, the related supervisor will clarify whether the content of the past internship matches the requirements of the project report at the Marketing Department.

Are there alternatives to do a full-time internship?

Whether equivalent aktivities can replace a full-time internship (e. g. avtivities within a long-term part-time job) is dependent on the related content and extent of the job and needs to be individually discussed.

Will the project report be graded?

There will be no grade for the project report.

How many credits can I achieve with my project report?

The successful project report will be awarded with 10 cred points.

Are there alternatives to a project from business practice?

Alternatively to a project in business practice you can work on a project task of the Marketing Department. In this case, the project report consists of a result report, which needs to be handed in in accordance to the guidelines of the supervisor with an extent of maximal 40 pages. The Marketing Department will inform about potential tasks on request. Further information regarding the task of a department project can be found in the current study guide of Master Studies.


What is otherwise important to take into account?

Please note, that the project report is no internship report!