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Howdy Austin, Texas. The Department of Marketing at the 2019 AMA Winter Academic Conference!


Our PhD researchers Hanna Reimers, Amelie Griesoph, Melanie Trabandt, Tom Joerß, Nils C. Hoffmann, and postdoctoral researcher  Dr. Wassili Lasarov presented their works at the annual AMA Winter Academic Conference from February 21st to 23rd 2019 in Austin, Texas (USA). 

Marketing AMA 2019 Austin

The conference was a unique and wonderful opportunity for our team to present their work and to discuss it with, and to get feedback from academic experts from the field of marketing, globalization, and consumer research from all over the world. Here's a list of the papers that we presented during the conference:

  • "Does transparent price labeling boost label effectivity for sustainable products?“ (presented by Hanna Reimers)
  • "Until the last drop. Do consumer care about water when it comes to coffee?“ (presented by Amelie Griesoph)
  • "I Am What I Own and I Am What I Do: The Diverging Impact of the Extended Self in Access-Based Consumption“ (presented by Melanie Trabandt)
  • "Digitalization as Solution of Environmental Problems? When Do Sustainability Conscious Users Rely on Augmented Reality-Recommendations Agents“ (presented by Tom Joerß)
  • "Asymmetric Effects of Supplier Hypocrisy Along Global Supply Chains: Empirical Evidence from China and Germany“ (presented by Nils C. Hoffmann)
  • "The (Group) License to Indulge“ (presented by Dr. Wassili Lasarov)


The AMA Conference is one of the biggest and most important conferences in marketing academia and brings together researchers from all over the world. The overarching theme of the conference this year was “Understanding Complexity, Transforming the Marketplace”More information about the conference can be found here.

AMA Conference Proceedings