Department of Marketing

New article accepted in Journal of Marketing Management

Jun 17, 2020

The article "Extrinsic Product Attributes in Consumers’ Food Decisions: Review and Network Analysis of the Marketing Literature" by Nils Christian HoffmannClaudia SymmankRobert Mai, Marijn Stok, Harald Rohm, and Prof. Stefan Hoffmann, has been accepted and published in the Journal of Marketing Management!

Here's the abstract of the article:
The paper synthesises the existing research on the influence of key product characteristics on the consumers’ food decision-making. By applying network analysis on a sample of 233 empirical studies from the last three decades, the paper demonstrates how marketing-specific variables are embedded in a network of other predictors. The paper also analyses network structure and density using well established measures. The results show that there is still a lack of research concerning the interplay between marketing-relevant extrinsic product attributes (e.g. price, brand, labelling, country of origin) and intrinsic food attributes, policy-related factors, as well as aspects of the proximal and distal environment. The paper identifies gaps in the marketing literature and derives research propositions. Additionally, implications for marketing practice are developed.

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