Department of Marketing

Anti-Consumption in Spain. The Department of Marketing joins 2018 ICAR Symposium in Almería.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Hoffmann und our PhD researcher Nils Christian Hoffmann joined this year's ICAR Symposium in Almería, Spain.

ICAR 2018

The International Centre of Anti-Consumption (ICAR) is located at the University of Auckland (New Zealand). ICAR was founded and is led by Mike Lee. ICAR comprises a network of marketing academics, practitioners, and social scientists from various universities all around the globe and is particularly interested in anti-consumption research and practices. This year’s overarching theme was “Anti-Consumption beyond boundaries” and the conference was held from November 10th to November 11th in Almería, Spain. The rather small, but amazingly productive conference was a wonderful opportunity for us to present our work and to discuss it with experts in the field of marketing and consumer behavior.

ICAR Delegates

At the 7th ICAR, we presented three papers:

  • Hüttel, A., Balderjahn, I., & Hoffmann, S.: Beyond National Boundaries: The Impact of Anti-consumption and Personal Values on Subjective Well-being.
  • Hoffmann, N., Lasarov, W., Mai, R. & Hoffmann, S.: Sin Tax – How Governmental Regulations to Foster Anti-Consumption Backfire.
  • Lasarov, W., Hoffmann, S.: Introducing Two Avenues of Social Moral Licensing 


You can find further information about the ICAR here.