Department of Marketing

Ni hao China! Prof. Stefan Hoffmann and Nils Christian Hoffmann visit Sun-Yat-Sen Business School in Guangzhou.


Prof. Stefan Hoffmann and Nils Christian Hoffmann visited Prof. Juelin Yin at Sun-Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. After last years’ stay of Professor Yin at Kiel University, the delegation from Kiel had a very warm welcome in Guangzhou. Prof. Hoffmann stayed in Guangzhou for one week and gave a research talk at Sun-Yat-Sen Business School. In a second research meeting, the delegation from Kiel took part in a research seminar with Professor Yanfeng Zhou and her PhD-students. In the seminar, they discussed contemporary topics in marketing and consumer behavior, such as sustainable food consumption, corporate irresponsibility and CSR.


Nils Christian Hoffmann will stay in Guangzhou until late November. The research stay is an excellent opportunity to talk about future research projects with Professor Yin and is an immensely valuable chance to get to know the Chinese culture, enrich cultural horizons and build bridges between Kiel University and Sun-Yat-Sen Business School.