Department of Marketing

Symposium "Marketing & Practice"


The topic of the 8th symposium "Marketing & Practice" will be: From generation Y to generation Alpha

Generation Alpha, children of the Millenials or Generation Y will be the future target group of marketing responsibles. What will be the differences to their parents? What are the special features of the Millenials in comparison with Generation X? Societal conditions and technological advancement shape attitudes and behavior of different generations. What are the challenges for the product and personal marketing? Will influencer displace classic direct communication? Do businesses need to combine and shape work and leisure? These and further interesting questions will be answered within this year anniversary symposium.

Interesting speakers from practice and research are invited and we are looking forward to a lively discussion.

You are sincerely invited!


Date: 19th September, 3.30pm - 9pm

Place: TU Dresden, ballroom faculty of business and economics

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