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Carrotmob. A Win/Win/Win-Approach to Creating Benefits for Consumers

The call for business practices that create benefits for companies, customers, and society is getting louder. This article analyzes a new implementation of such a win/win/win-approach: the carrotmob. Activists and managers jointly organize a shopping flashmob in which consumers collectively purchase the products of a target company to reward its intent to act more socially responsible.

Given that carrotmobs are only efficient if they are supported by a critical mass of consumers, a survey study (337 young consumers) explores the critical drivers of carrotmob participation. Accordingly, object-oriented, personal, and social motives jointly determine carrotmob participation with social motives having the strongest impact.

Carrotmob. Win/Win

Hutter, K.; Hoffmann, S.; Mai, R. (2015). Carrotmob. A Win/Win/Win-Approach to Creating Benefits for Consumers, Business, and Society at Large. Business & Society.