Department of Marketing

Guerilla Marketing – eine nüchterne Betrachtung einer viel diskutierten Werbeform

Guerrilla marketing describes an innovative strategy in communication, which is used more and more frequently by practitioners. However, there is no scientific discussion about the concept as to why both practitioner and researcher have got a diffuse understanding about the concept of guerrilla marketing. Regarding this lack of conceptionalization, the article provides a systematization of different perspectives and reviews how the concept has been changing over time. The instruments of guerrilla marketing (mosquito, ambush, viral, buzz, ambient and sensation marketing) are explained. Additionally, the benefits of guerrilla PR as a supporting activity are highlighted. Furthermore, the paper suggests an algorithm that can be used to estimate the guerrilla effect. Based on this formula a group of marketing experts compares twelve guerrilla activities. A sensitivity analysis shows the range of possible guerrilla effects for different instruments. The paper provides practical hints for developing guerrilla campaigns and directions for future research.

Hutter, K.; Hoffmann, S. (2011). Guerilla Marketing – eine nüchterne Betrachtung einer viel diskutierten Werbeform, der markt – International Journal of Marketing, 50 (2), 121-135.