Chair of Marketing

Socio-economic determinants of healthy food choice – call for unpublished work

Jul 23, 2015

Do you have unpublished empirical work examining the influence of socio-economic characteristics on more or less healthy food choices?

As we are planning to conduct a meta-analysis on this influence, we are looking for unpublished work. Among others, we are interested in working-papers, forthcoming papers, rejected manuscripts, or unpublished thesis data.

 We are especially interested in correlations between

  • ·         socioeconomic determinants (e.g. age, number of persons per household, educational level, presence of children, personal income) and


  • ·         willingness to buy, willingness to pay or purchase intention (preferable coded as a 1/0 discrete variable, e.g. acceptance of price premium)


If your unpublished work matches these criteria, we are kindly requesting your manuscript and/or data set as well as details about the characteristics of the measurements, sample, and study design. We treat your data confidentially and we use the data only for the purpose of the meta-analysis. Kindly send your unpublished data or manuscripts via email to Stefan Hoffmann ( or Irina Dolgopolova (


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this study. Thank you for contributing to this meta-analysis!

Best regards,

Stefan Hoffmann