Chair of Marketing

Consumer Behavior

Shopping_01In our research, we develop explanations for consumer behavior and test them empirically. We build on the principles of behavioral science, social and cross-cultural psychology. This background is also reflected in our other fields of our research. These are
Health Marketing
Communication and
Cross-cultural Marketing.

Our work focuses on analyzing different aspects of consumer behavior, such as the analysis of transformational, ethical, politically motivated and sustainable consumer behavior. Especially in developed industrial nations, the topics of ethical and sustainable consumption has received more and more attention over the past years. Particularly socially irresponsible company actions which have a broad coverage in the mass media (e.g. moving factories to low-wage countries, environmental scandals, hazardous products, inhumane working conditions of suppliers etc.) stimulate heated debates in the general public. Consumers attempt to influence company actions by changing or restricting their own consumption patterns (e.g., boycotting).