Chair of Marketing

Claudia Symmank M.Sc.

External PhD Student

Phone: +49 (0) 351/463-32754
Telefax: +49 (0) 351/463-37126

Short CV

Since april 2014, M.Sc. Claudia Symmank is external PhD student at the Department of Marketing at Kiel University. In 2012, she finished her studies in Business Administration with focus on marketing research, intercultural marketing and strategic management at the Technical University of Dresden. Since 2013, she is Research Associate at the Department of Marketing of the Technical University of Dresden. She gained a lot of experiences in the health marketing as project coordinator of the BMBF-project „ Innovative strategies to overcome implicit product-based and personality-based obstacles to consume healthy food“ as well as in the development and application of innovative medical technology as deputy project leader in the project „InnoTech4Health“ which is funded by the European Social Fund. Since april 2014, she works in the BMBF-project „Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity“ in the Institute of Food Technology and Bioprocess Engineering of the Technical University of Dresden and analyzes factors of food that influence the buying behavior of customers.

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