Department of Marketing

Selected Publications

Hoffmann, S.; Mai, R.; Lasarov, W.; Krause, J.; Schmidt, U. (2019). Hungry bellies have no ears. How and why hunger inhibits sustainable consumption. Ecological Economics, 160, 96-104.

Lasarov, W.; Mai, R.; García de Frutos, N.; Ortega Egea, J. M.; Hoffmann, S. (2019). Counter-arguing as Barriers to Environmentally Motivated Consumption Reduction: A Multi-Country Study, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 36(2), in press.

Lasarov, W.; Hoffmann, S. (2018). Social Moral Licensing, Journal of Business Ethics, 1-22.

Mai, R., Hoffmann, S., Lasarov, W., Buhs, A. (2017). Ethical products = less strong: How Explicit and Implicit Reliance on the Lay Theory Affects Consumption Behaviors, Journal of Business Ethics, 1-19.

Lasarov, W.; Hoffmann, S. (2017). Median-Split. Eine kritische Diskussion über den Einsatz künstlicher Dichotomisierung, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium, 44(4), 11-18.