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Hanna Reimers M.Sc.

Research Associate and Doctoral Student

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Short CV

Hanna Reimers, M.Sc., has been a doctoral student and research associate at the Department of Marketing at Kiel University since July 2018. She finished her studies in Economics at Kiel University in 2017. Her research focuses on consumer behavior, sustainability marketing and psychological rebound effects. Hanna Reimers is a project member of the in the BMBF-funded project iReliefs (Indirect Rebound Effects. Lifestyle‐segmentation and Interventions with Efficiency‐Feedback and Sufficiency).

Selected Publications

Reimers, H., & Hoffmann, S. (2019). Transparent Price Labelling for Sustainable Products: A Boost for Consumers' Willingness to Buy?. Marketing ZFP, 41(2), 21-36.

Conference Presentations

Reimers, H.; Lasarov, W.; Hoffmann, S. (2020). Psychological Rebound-Effects A Conceptualization and Research Directions, paper will be presented at the EMAC 2020 Conference, May 24th-26th 2020, Budapest, Hungary.

Reimers, H.; Lasarov, W.; Hoffmann, S. (2020). Does Size Matter? The relation between the (im)moral intensity of an initial act and a target act, paper will be presented at the AMA Winter Conference, February 14th-16th 2020, San Diego, US.

Reimers, H.; Hoffmann, S. (2019). Does transparent price labeling boost label effectivity for sustainable products?, AMA Winter Conference, February 22nd-24th 2019, Austin, US.


  • Scientific Writing
  • Introduction into Marketing
  • Seminars
    • Consumer Psychology (Bachelor)

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