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Short CV

Professor Stefan Hoffmann is director of the Institute of Business Administration, esp. Marketing. He received a diploma in psychology from the University of Mannheim (Germany) in 2003 and doctoral degree in 2008 and a second promotion (habilitation) in 2012 in business administration from the Technical University of Dresden (Germany). From 2011 to 2012, he worked as interim professor in Marketing at the Technical University of Dresden and later at the University of Rostock (Germany). Since November 2012, Stefan Hoffmann is working as professor of marketing at Kiel University (Germany). His research is founded in psychology and he is working with empirical methods. His main research interests are consumer psychology, ethical consumption, sustainable consumption, international marketing, and digital marketing.

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Selected Text Books

Selected Recent Publications

Mai, R., Hoffmann, S. & Balderjahn, I. (2021). When Drivers Become Inhibitors of Organic Consumption: The Need for a Multistage View. Journal of die Academy of Marketing Science (forthcoming).

Joerß, T., Hoffmann, S., Mai, R. & Akbar, P. (2021). Digitalization as Solution to Environmental Problems? When Users Rely on Augmented Reality-Recommendation Agents. Journal of Business Research, 128, 510-523.

Lasarov, W., Mai, R., Krause, J., Schmidt, U., & Hoffmann, S. (2021). Too Cold to Be Skeptical: How Ambient Temperature Moderates the Effects of CSR Communica-tion, Ecological Economics, 183, (online first).

Hüttel, A., Balderjahn, I., & Hoffmann, S. (2020). Welfare Beyond Consumption: The Be-nefits of Having Less. Ecological Economics, 176, (online first).

Lasarov, W. & Hoffmann, S. (2020). Social Moral Licensing. Journal of Business Ethics, 165(1), 45-66.

Karimova, G.-S., Hoffmann, N. C., Heidbrink, L., & Hoffmann, S. (2020). Virtue Ethics between East and West in Consumer Research: Review, Synthesis and Directions for Future Research, Journal of Business Ethics, 165(2), 255-275.

Akbar, P. & Hoffmann, S. (2020). Creating Value in Product Service Systems through Sharing, Journal of Business Research, 121, 495-505.

Hoffmann, S., Mai, R., Lasarov, W., Krause, J., & Schmidt, U. (2019). Hungry Bellies Have No Ears: How and Why Fundamental Human Needs Inhibit Sustainable Consumption, Ecological Economics, 160, 96-104.

Lasarov, W., Mai, R., García de Frutos, N., Ortega Egea, J. M., & Hoffmann, S. (2019). Counter-arguing as Barriers to Environmentally Motivated Consumption Reduction: A Multi-Country Study, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 36(2), 281-305.

Mai, R., Hoffmann, S., Lasarov, W., & Buhs, A. (2019). Ethical Products = Less Strong: How Explicit and Implicit Reliance on the Lay Theory Affects Consumption Behav-iors. Journal of Business Ethics, 157(3), 659-677.

Hoffmann, S., Balderjahn, I., Seegebarth, B., Mai, R., & Peyer, M. (2018). Under Which Conditions Are Consumers Ready to Boycott or Buycott? The Roles of Hedonism and Simplicity. Ecological Economics, 147, 167-178.

Akbar, P. & Hoffmann, S. (2018). Under which Circumstances do Consumers Choose a Product Service System (PSS)? Consumer Benefits and Costs of Sharing in PSS. Journal of Cleaner Production, 201, 416-427.

Krautz, C., & Hoffmann, S. (2017). The Tenure-Based Customer Retention Model. A Cross-Cultural Validation. Journal of International Marketing, 25(3), 83-106.

Haberstroh, K., Orth, U., Hoffmann, S., & Brunk, B. (2017). Consumer Response to Un-ethical Corporate Behavior: A Re-examination and Extension of the Moral Decou-pling Model. Journal of Business Ethics, 140(1), 161-173.

Akbar, P., Hoffmann, S., & Mai, R. (2016). When Do Materialistic Consumers Join Com-mercial Sharing Systems? Journal of Business Research, 69(10), 4215-4224.

Mai, R., & Hoffmann, S. (2015). How to Combat the Unhealthy = Tasty Intuition: The Influencing Role of Health Consciousness. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 34(1), 63-83.

Mai, R., Hoffmann, S., Schwarz, U., Niemand, T., & Seidel, J. (2014). The Shifting Range of Optimal Web Site Complexity. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28(2), 101-116.

Hutter, K., & Hoffmann, S. (2014) Surprise, Surprise. Ambient Media as Promotion Tool for Retailers. Journal of Retailing, 90(1), 93-110.

Mai, R., & Hoffmann, S. (2014). Accents in Business Communication: An Integrative Model and Propositions for Future Research. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24(1), 137-158.

Mai, R. & Hoffmann, S. (2011). Four Positive Effects of a Salesperson’s Regional Dialect in Personal Selling, Journal of Service Research, 14 (4), 423-437.

Hoffmann, S. & Soyez, K. (2010). A Cognitive Model to Predict Domain-specific Consumer Innovativeness, Journal of Business Research, 63 (7), 778-785.

Hoffmann, S. & Müller, S. (2009). Consumer Boycotts Due to Factory Relocation, Journal of Business Research, 62 (2), 239-247

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