Department of Marketing

Day of Marketing

Apr 11, 2019

Get the full marketing-experience in science & practice in just one day and join our Day of Marketing!

On the 18th of June 2019, the Department of Marketing (supported by PerLe) is hosting the Day of Marketing to unite theory and practice and to show what Marketing at the University of Kiel is about. In several talks and presentations, you will get valuable insights on different research topics and the teaching concept of the Department of Marketing.

  • What does research & science actually mean in the field of Marketing?
  • What are our researchers working on?
  • How can these topics be transferred to students?
  • Graduation finished... & now?

These and more questions will be answered by researchers, students and alumnis of the CAU, presenting their fields of studies and results of students’ group-workings. To combine theory and research with practice, we also invited international and regional companies and Start-ups from Kiel and surroundings to talk about their experiences and practical implementations of Marketing in their own companies.

You are Bachelor/Master student of the CAU Kiel or interested in becoming one?

Come to CAP 3 at CAU Kiel at the 18th of June (4pm – 10pm | 16:00 – 20:00) and join the day of Marketing! (You’ll get free snacks and drinks!)

You can find the program of the Day of Marketing here.