Department of Marketing

Practical Workshop: Qualitative analysis of social media data

Oct 13, 2020

The evaluation of data from social media channels is not only considered a core competence in science. This ability is also becoming increasingly important in other industries, such as human resources and marketing. But how can social media data be evaluated? One possibility is qualitative content analysis. In the three-hour workshop organized by the Project for Successful Teaching and Learning (PerLe), students practice evaluating and analyzing qualitative data using Twitter with the help of the MAXQDA analysis software. The skills taught in the workshop Analysis skills can also be used to evaluate other qualitative data (e.g. expert interviews). The workshop can be attended by students of any subject area be visited. Previous knowledge is not absolutely necessary.

  • Maximum number of participants: maximum 16 students
  • Time and place: November 12th., 15:00 to 18:00, The event will be held via ZOOM. (Login link and password will be sent to you by mail after registration).
  • Registration: Registration is possible until November 10th. Please send an e-mail to Rouven Keller (PerLe).