Department of Marketing

Research report online! “Die Zukunft und die natürlichen Grenzen des Konsums”

Oct 07, 2020

The Department of Marketing recently published their first research report that was developed together with participating marketing students as part of the research seminar of Nils C. Hoffmann and Amelie Griesoph during the winter semester 19/20.

The report deals with topics on how our economy needs to be reorganized in the future to get in harmony with our environment and focusses especially on the limitations that we as consumers will need to be aware of: The environment already reached its limits – so does our consumption?

With qualitative analyses, the report investigates the attitude of consumers towards topics like the consumption of meat, the intransparency of inflationary CO2-Labels on our products, the phenomenom of flight shaming and the question of teaching sustainability as a subject in school. It includes the results of the student’s seminar papers and also sheds light on our department’s research projects.

We are happy to share our findings with you online, available at: