Department of Marketing

The Effectiveness of Humor in Cross-Cultural Advertising

To date, the effectiveness of humor has not been analyzed appropriately in a cross-cultural setting. Therefore, the paper examines whether the impact of humor type on perceived level of humor, attitude toward the ad, and attitude toward the brand depends on culture. An experiment with fictive print ads is conducted. 257 Russian and German respondents are surveyed. The results show that culture (in-group collectivism, performance orientation) moderates the relation between humor type (aggressive, nonsense) and perceived level of humor while the influence of perceived level of humor on attitudes toward the ad and the brand is culturally stable.

Müller, S.; Hoffmann, S.; Schwarz, U.; Gelbrich, K. (2012). The Effectiveness of Humor in Cross-Cultural Advertising, Journal of Euromarketing, 20 (1/2).