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Temporary timetable of the ICAR 2014

The conference will be hold at the 'Zentrum für Molekulare Biowissenschaften' (called AMÖBE,4 th floor). You will find this center at the following adress: Am Botanischen Garten 11, 24118 Kiel:



The conference will be structured as follows: 

Further information about the Boat trip

As Auckland is known as City of Sails, and Kiel is called Sailing City, we obviously would feel ashamed to deprive our guests of enjoying the beautiful German seaside!

Hence, in the evening of Friday, 4th July, the participants of the conference are invited to do a boat trip on the Firth of Kiel together. We have chartered a sailing ship, the ZUIDERZEE, from which you have a spectacular view on Kiel and its beautiful environment full of beaches and little havens. The refreshing breeze, informal conversations, served drinks and snacks will be a pleasent and restful conclusion of the day. 

Zuiderzee 1  Zuiderzee 2


The boat will put out to sea from Kiel Holtenau, Tiessenkai. For getting there, we suggest the two following possibilites:

1. For reaching the pier directly from the location of the conference, click here for the route. (Google Maps)

2. If you wish to do a stopover at your accomodation to lay down or refresh yourself before starting the trip, for those guests, who stay at one of our proposed hotels, a shuttle service will be arranged that picks you (and your family) up and takes you to the pier.

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