Chair of Marketing

Papers accepted - Appetite, MRQ, M-ZFP

May 27, 2014

Three actual articles of the Chair of Marketing have been accepted for publication. They will be published in 2014:

  • Mai, R.; Zahn, S.; Hoppert, K.; Hoffmann, S.; Rohm, R. (2014). Tailoring Compensation Effects of Health-unrelated Food Properties, Appetite (forthcoming). Details
  • Krautz, C.; Hoffmann, S.; Mai, R. (2014). Konsumentenanimosität: State of the Art und Entwicklung eines kontextsensitiven Erklärungsansatzes, Management Review Quarterly (forthcoming). Details
  • Niemand, T.; Hoffmann, S.; Mai, R. (2014). Einsatzpotenziale und Grenzen bei der Anwendung des Impliziten Assoziationstests (IAT) in der Marketing-Forschung, Marketing ZFP – Journal of Research and Management (forthcoming). Details