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Teaching at the Department of Marketing

The department of marketing strives to prepare students holistically to be successful in their future careers. The department of marketing adopts an interdisciplinary approach in teaching, integrating the methods and findings of behavioral science. We aim to provide students with the necessary knowledge on quantitative and qualitative methods in the marketing discipline.

In our courses, students are confronted with current issues in the field and they learn how to apply the relevant methods and instruments in order to solve these issues. We provide students with the necessary skills how to report these solutions most effectively and how to present them convincingly. To this end, our staff stimulates critical discussion about theoretical concepts as well as economic and social developments. Further, managerial insights are given by experts from marketing practice or research.

The job profile of a marketing student is very heterogenous. Besides the traditional stepping stone of a project director or a product manager, there are various fields to start a career, for example, in the area of market research, advertising, distribution, public relations or business counselling as well as research and teaching.


Students can now find regular news about the department, all important information about your studies and interesting new research results on our new Facebook page. Of course, any information will furthermore be published on our homepage and on OLAT.


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